Custom Stained Glass

David became interested in learning the art of stained glass when he remodeled his kitchen back in 1997. His wife, Karen, wanted a stained glass panel made for one of the corner cabinets. When he discovered the panel would cost nearly $400, he jokingly asked the woman who gave him the estimate if he could just take a class in making the design. She told him, “Sure!” That summer, David took classes in the craft.

Since 1997, David has crafted  many designs for family as well as for clients.  David has made many  pieces to donate to silent auctions for Boy Scouts, church and other non-profit organizations.


All stained glass pieces are custom made. Pricing is determined based on size, number of glass pieces, color of glass pieces, framing and installation location.

Stained Glass Panels for Entry

Stain Glass Panels for Front Door This pair of panels was made to fit over the windows on the front door of this early twentieth century home in the historic Beverly neighborhood, in Chicago. Inside of door Outside of door Year –... read more

Stained Glass Restoration

Restoration and Repair David restored this stained glass piece, which was once used as a transom window. The piece was encased in a wood frame, which had many coats of paint on it. You could not see the the glass on the very edge of the piece because it had been painted over! The original glass is approximately 100 years old. The cracked sections of glass had to be carefully removed. We were able to order replacement glass from the same manufacturer who made the original glass. The restored piece was framed in a hand-crafted oak frame.... read more

Stained Glass Plaques & Gifts

Various Stained Glass Plaques & Gifts Plaques and gift items are made on an as-ordered basis only. Chicago Fire Department plaque, 2008 Stained glass candle holder, 2012 Swedish Flag, 2011 Patriotic plaque, 2011 Memorial plaque, 2012 A unique wedding gift…we took the wedding invitation and designed a stained glass plaque. This beautiful keepsake measures approximately 11″ x 14″. This piece has a mirror center, with birds etched into the glass. The oval bevel on this piece is etched with two birds. Cross on a Hill: Piece measures 8″ wide bye 11″ tall. $65.00 Ballroom Dancers – we created this piece for our dance instructor. We pulled the graphic off of a clip-art image on our computer. Then we enlarged it and transformed it into a stained glass design. The piece measures 9 x 12. This piece was made for the drama club leaders in our homeschool group. Patriotic Flag: measures 7.5″ wide by 11″ tall – the star is created from fiver separate pieces of beveled glass. $75.00 This piece was made for a retiring police officer. This is a memorial plate. The piece measures approximately 8″ in diameter. Shamrock: measures approximately 4″ wide by 4″ tall. $18.00 Patriotic Star: 5″ tall by 5″ wide; star is crafted with five separate pieces of beveled glass, surround by blue and red glass. $32.00 Florals always make great gift ideas! We can create a one-of-a-kind design just for you! A unique wedding gift…we took the wedding invitation and designed a stained glass plaque. This beautiful keepsake measures approximately 11″ x... read more

Stained Glass Pendant Light

Stained Glass Pendant Light We crafted five of these and installed them over a bar in a family room. Layout of cut glass Assembled Customer initial included to add that personal touch... read more